Many of the people get confused on How to Pay NBI Clearance via the 7-Eleven? NBI Clearance Payment is a very simple method only if you know all the required details.

7-Eleven Payment is the most convenient method of all as it is more accessible than the other payment modes such as Bayad Centre and Local Banks.

NBI Payment via 7-Eleven

But, if you’ve not registered yourself to NBI Clearance yet, then first get registered on the NBI Clearance and Registration by clicking here.

And if you’re already registered and wants to gain all the information about NBI Payment via the 7-Eleven then read this article completely.

NBI Payment via 7-Eleven

Procedure to Follow | 7-Eleven

Step 1

  • First of all, find a 7-Eleven Store by using Cliqq Kiosk. But, also check whether the Cliqq Kiosk Branch is Online or Offline by kindly asking the Cashier because sometimes the branches remain Offline.

Step 2

NBI Payment via 7-Eleven

  • The Cliqq Kiosk is a whole touch screen machine, which makes it easier to use.
  • Find the BILLS PAYMENT option on the screen.
  • Click on it and again find the NBI option.

Step 3

NBI Payment via 7-Eleven

  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the BILLS PAYMENT page, where you need to provide the following:-
    • NBI Clearance Reference Number
    • Contact Number
    • Exact Amount
  • Click NEXT

NOTE:- The payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, therefore double check your details.

Step 4

NBI Payment via 7-Eleven

  • You’ll be shown your entered NBI Details to check.
  • Check the details carefully and click NEXT.

Steps 5

  • Your Payment Receipt will get printed now.
  • Take the receipt to the Cashier and make the payment.


This article is step by step guide to the NBI Clearance Payment via the 7-Eleven at its official website Read this article to get all the required necessary information here.

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