Authorization Letter – Ask Someone to Claim Your NBI Clearance

Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance

While the issuance of the NBI Clearance, many people don’t get their NBI Clearance Certificate on the due date because of reasons such as NBI Clearance Hit Status and many more.

So when your NBI Clearance is granted after the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview which usually takes 5-10 days and as an employee or a businessman you are busy or unable to collect your certificate, then you can authorize another person to collect NBI Clearance Certificate on your behalf. Hence the name, Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance.

Therefore read this article thoroughly and attain all the complete process of the NBI Clearance Authorization Letter without any problems.

Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance

What is an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is basically a signed and dated letter, which is authorized to another person for claiming your NBI Clearance on your behalf.

Without a proper Authorization Letter, no person can claim the NBI Clearance Certificate of another person.

It must contain the following terms:-

  • Your Name.
  • Name of the Authorized Person.
  • The Date.
  • Some Personal Details about yourself and the authorized person (such as Age, Address and Contact Numbers).
  • Signatures (You and the Authorized Person).

Format for Authorization Letter



To whom it may concern:


Ms./Mr. [NAME OF PERSON WHO CLAIMS YOUR NBI CLEARANCE] will bring her identification card for your reference and she will also bring my NBI Application form.

I hope for your kind consideration of this matter. Thank you.



Guidelines to Authorized Person

  • The Authorized Person should adhere to a proper dress code and avoid wearing slippers, sandos, and shorts.
  • You must provide your Valid ID to the Authorized Person. And photocopies are not allowed, so kindly give the Original ID.
  • Authorized Person should also bring his/her own Valid ID. Two of the Valid IDs would be appreciated.
  • Then proceed directly to the Releasing Window and present the signed Authorization Letter, your Valid ID and the Authorized Person’s Valid ID.

NOTE:- NBI Clearance still remains cautious while handing out the certificate to the authorized person. Therefore, it is advisable to fulfill all the requirements.


This article is a complete guide to the Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance and its format and all guidelines. Read this article to get all the necessary information here.

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